The danger of thoughtlessness and conformity

Without the breath of life the human body is a corpse; without thinking the human mind is dead. Here was a man who climbed very high and remained very high in the government; he must have possessed a reasonable amount of organizational skill and political saavy to have engineered such a feat.

The Danger of Conformity

It is this inability to think, she feels, that lay behind his lethal actions in the holocaust: If there were no other evidence of it being wrong, I should know from that. It is very sad. Why does it generate such discussion to this day?

Unlike a meritocracy, personal advancement in life depends on the party. Arendt on Heidegger and Eichmann. It is this negative, doubt-raising quality of thinking that interests Arendt: Is conformity all bad? AK Press,5. Solitary contemplation helps us to illuminate our moral worlds, to find some steady footing upon which to stand and act.

Unthinking men are like sleepwalkers. Like many Americans, I spent a sleepless night wondering how I had so fundamentally misunderstood the direction in which our nation had been moving. And let me also quote a few closing paragraphs of this booklet: I present it here in full: Her claim that thinking and thoughtlessness are moral and political categories does not commit her to the view that thinking is either a necessary or sufficient condition for moral action.

The fact that, despite all that has happened, he has refused to retract or apologize for the essay, indicates that he has remembered another lesson from Arendt, one that we must bear in mind as we move forward in thinking about the problems raised here: It is almost as though someone were saying" yes, you suffered during the war, but so did we suffering is nothing special.

Conformity and compromise is never an option for the real Christian. Two reasons that those individuals were disturbed are as follows: Since he is invoking Arendt here, it will be necessary to ask this question in terms of her work.

The concept of the banality of evil as described here implies a program or undertaking; it implies a research project to try and understand under what conditions ordinary people can be led to do these horrible things.

Accessed June 20, So then, if, as the banality idea implies, the Nazi and their conspirators were people similar us, how did they deal psychologically and socially with these vicious acts they committed?

Norton and Company, Harcourt Brace,1: The problem is of course that far too many Christians end up being conformists as well.

We do this all the time. By thoughtlessness Arendt meant that, "he Eichmannto put matter colloquially, never realized what he was doing. Bullying, abusing, acting on dangerous ideologies and much more can bring harm to others, physically or psychologically.

The Five Dangers of Emotional Conformity

First, most of these perpetrators were males, young and middle aged, and, as such, were impelled by the same human elements that impel male egos everywhere- competition, conquest, impressing one's peers, impressing females, etc.

The result is a church which increasingly accommodates secular values. We try to be like everyone else. It is time to follow your passions. A life without thinking is quite possible; it then fails to develop its own essence—it is not merely meaningless; it is not fully alive.

Why being a conformist is dangerous Go on. Young Germans could not imagine that the thousand- year Reich would ever end, and so ambitious young men probably felt their future was well served by getting a position with the SS.

The classic example is a young kid who wants to be an artist or novelist but, at the instruction of his parents, goes to college instead to get a Degree in Law or Business.Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "thoughtlessness"): foolhardiness ; rashness ; recklessness (the trait of giving little thought to danger) impulsiveness (the trait of acting suddenly on impulse without reflection).

The Believer’s Golden Chain by George Whitefield The Believer’s Gold great Danger of Conformity to the World 8 02 Page 1. Letting other people decide for us is one of the biggest dangers of emotional conformity. As we mentioned earlier, letting other people make their own decisions is totally normal, and expected.

As we mentioned earlier, letting other people make their own decisions is totally normal, and expected. Conformity is the high priest of American culture, and has infiltrated the holy nation. So it is not easy, but I beseech you, dare to be different.

Dare to live as a citizen of the holy nation. Conformity and hate. Activities that reinforce one's identity as a member of a group are the strongest behavioral motivator for boys and remain a strong influence throughout life.

The peer group serves as a way of connecting people and as a means of security in a world that is frightening.

Solitary Contemplation, a Political Act

The great Danger of Conformity to the World. A SERMON Preached ON Friday OCTOBER 22D. IN THE High-Church-Yard, OF GLASGOW. BY THE REVEREND Mr. GEORGE WHITEFIELD. From Romans xii.

2. And be not conformed unto this World.

The danger of thoughtlessness and conformity
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