Should sachin tendulkar carry on playing

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Startup : 10 Lessons every Entrepreneur should learn from Sachin Tendulkar

Bill P Even if you leave that pro wrestling example out that doesn't change the facts. More like john Cena is the face of WWE. As they say, all good things have to end. His wife plans for him to take over some of the responsibilities of running the house, I don't know what she has in mind for him," she said.

Sachin Tendulkar

If you have to dedicate a song to him which one would that be? Virat Kohli faces more expectations than Sachin Tendulkar did: Playing his th Test Match Sachin the God of cricket, the most established cricketer— came, conquered and is now leaving.

Glenn Maxwell leaves interview to hug Sachin Tendulkar: No racism, homophobia, sexism, or trolling.

I wish to play World Cup 2031: Tendulkar

Someone in the mid of his teens to achieve such a stature is worth inspiring. The simple truth whether you hate to admit it or not. I started the Workout Trends Blog with my friends with a mission to make it the first truly trusted and the coolest healthy living brand and business.

Sachin Tendulkar can carry on for long, says Dinesh Karthik

He reached 50 in almost one in three innings, was far more than a fill-in bowler, and took catches with his flypaper-like mitts. Come chat with us on our Discord and discuss cricket or anything else you'd like to talk about!

If someone like Ponting had a great send back like he was carried by his team mates on their shoulders even after such a miserable and failed run in his last couple of test series why not Tendulkar?

He is the biggest star! He sustained his form despite obstacles ranging from injuries and hostile conditions.

How to Play Like Sachin Tendulkar

Well, you got to be Sachin Tendulkar to push the limits of your potential. Consistency The lack of form has marred even the greats like Sachin Tendulkar, but his return to consistent form From is a testimony of his passion and relentless love for the game.

Unke har shot par nazar jaati hain. Normal sub rules apply. Does he inspire you? And when he really feels that he cannot continue playing actively he should think of opening an academy to impart knowledge on cricket, both practically and theoretically.

He led that great West Indies side and he drove their mentality. And this is the same match where Pakistan pacer Waqar Younis played his first test match ever. Unke khel mein ek thehrav hai. He could tell you every stat about his wicketkeeping, but not his batting. Good things come in small packages.


He was popular at picking up fights. It was the last day he walked to the cricket field. Tum jiyo hazaron saal First batsman to score runs in test in Sachin Tendulkar: Playing it My Way - My Autobiography Hardcover – 6 Nov It also gives insight into the great player's mind and his resolve to carry on playing at the highest level for so many years.

Sachin has steered clear of controversies in major part of the book. He didn't throw any light as an insider of the Indian cricket Reviews: 2.

Tendulkar said that the thought of retirement did cross his mind after the Cup debacle but family and friends insisted that he should carry on.

“Headlines like ‘Endulkar’ hurt deeply. In an exclusive conversation with Headlines Today, God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar said that India and Pakistan playing in the World Cup is not just any other match.

An selfpainting, ardent fan of Sachin's glorious career will conclude after the Mumbai Cricket Test against the West Indies that begins at the Wankhede stadium,Mumbai,India today(). From Sachin Tendulkar to Warren Buffett, big names who sold their hot wheels for a fortune.

ET Bureau | Aug 22,PM IST. 0 Comments Warren Buffett (L) Sachin Tendulkar (R). 'Air Strike' review: The movie attempts to carry a torch of trauma and tells a multi-threaded story. London: Sachin Tendulkar feels that there is an urgent need to standardise the technology used for Decision Review System (DRS) across all formats in international cricket.

"We can definitely use.

Should sachin tendulkar carry on playing
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